Interface and Experience Design

At YU, we shape interfaces (websites, web and mobile applications) by going through a rigorous research and data-driven process, to ensure the products are guided by the users.


Competitor analysisThorough user research / shaping personasQualitative and quantitative studies


Diagrams and annotated wireframes or storyboardsMoodboards and visual designInteraction design and motion studies


Iterative prototyping with low and high fidelity designsParticipatory, observational studiesUsability testing

Service Design

Service design allows to rethink the provided services through storytelling and creative thinking, putting at the core the users of the service. Service design is invaluable today for any organization, as it allows to listen and hear its customers.

Design Research

Exploratory/evaluative methods to observe and analyze service processes and identify gaps.Talking to users through qualitative and participatory studies

Service Mapping and Design

Persona and service "actor" creationCustomer journey and story mappingService blueprinting to provide the holistic overview of processes and participants

Immersive Prototyping

Design concept validation for different touchpointsExperience prototyping through storyboards, role-playing, physical models, and other.

Design and Strategy Workshops

We help organizations identify the gaps in their services/products or detect the opportunities. We collaborate and co-create with your teams to ensure the design and experience methodologies are harbored within your organization.

Collaborative Sessions

Together with your team, identifying the gaps and potentials of the product or service that you offerCollaborating on the experience process and experience improvements 


Presenting the concepts of user-centricity and design thinkingWorking with creative projects and scenarios to think out of the boxInfiltrating the new thinking process into your team

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