Yellow Umbrella is an experience design agency that brings impactful solutions to ethical projects. We believe that design is not only a means to create beautiful outcomes, but, more importantly, allows to shape functional, intuitive, and needed solutions.

Through co-designing and creative thinking, together we can bring impactful solutions to existing challenges.

What we stand for


Ethical Design

…ethically treating our study participants, projects, and partners by respecting their rights and needs



...putting a core focus on human-centricity and immersing in the world of the users


Positive Impact

…using the power of design in enhancing our solutions to bring the utmost benefit



…sharing our learnings and knowledge with our partners and global design community

The full spectrum of design

Our team consists of designers from various backgrounds, with in-depth knowledge of the entire spectrum of experience design, covering design research, user journey mapping, interface and interactive design, and information architecture.


International team

Our international team creatively merges the vibrancy of the New York design world with the down-to-earth transitionalism of Europe. Our experts conduct design studies all over the world, from Panama to Nigeria and from Switzerland to Philippines.

Collectively, we speak 6 languages and represent 5 different nationalities.


Join us

Interested in joining our dynamic company or would like to be a part of our network? Shoot us a message. We love to share our passion and find more and more new collaborators and co-designers.

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