Work Power of Data: IFRC - GO

IFRC-GO platform displayed on a computer image


The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is a global humanitarian organization, which coordinates and directs international assistance following natural and man-made disasters in non-conflict situations.

IFRC-GO is a data-driven platform that presents detailed information on actual emergencies. The platform brings together many data sources and APIs to paint the complete current and historic picture of disasters. IFRC-GO has a tremendous impact for the humanitarian world, as it provides accurate information and visibility to emergency responders in the field.

IFRC-GO platform displayed on a computer image


International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)


UX Designer, Experience Design Lead, UI Designer

What we did

  • Global user interviews and usability studies
  • Experience mapping
  • Detailed wireframes and UI design specifications
  • Interactive prototype
  • Collaborative workshops

Deep-diving into specific disaster scenarios and use cases that the responders encountered allowed us to collect information about their needs and actual challenges they face in support of local communities.

Design process

Some of the key learnings from the empatic approach - putting ourselves into their shoes - were understanding the technical challenges, access to information, communication, and speed with which they need to dissiminate information on the ground.

The findings from the research phase gave us a clear perspective on the challenges the users encounter in the field and the type of information they find the most useful and critical. Each section of the platform was analyzed from the perspectives and needs of various user types.

IFRC-GO platform screenshots over gray background

Our impact

Emergency responders, deployment managers, and other key users of IFRC-GO need to have a good overview of the disasters, the historical analysis, and actual response from the humanitarian organizations. As such, making the platform intuitive, with the important information directly accessible, can have a tremendous impact for supporting disaster-affected communities.

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