Work Data Transparency: IFRC - FDRS

IFRC-FDRS platform screenshots


The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is a global humanitarian organization, which coordinates and directs international assistance following natural and man-made disasters in non-conflict situations.

FDRS is the data repository, storing information gathered from the various National Societies (Red Cross and Red Crescent organizations from various countries).


International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)


UX Designer, Experience Design Lead, UI Designer

What we did

  • Global user interviews and usability study
  • Experience and user journey mapping
  • Annotated wireframes and UI design specifications
  • Interactive prototype

The humanitarian world consists of intricate networks through which the valuable information, action, and effort flows. It was eye-opening to understand how each of these National Societies works and coordinates their efforts.

Design process

The goal of this platform is to serve as a place for the National Societies to enter data in a simplified, consistent, and simple manner. The biggest challenge was to understand the interactions and data flow for various country Red Cross/Red Crescent societies, while proposing one solution for different needs.

Our experts conducted world-wide remote usability testing and user interview sessions about the inner processes of various National Societies. The biggest impact area for the design was simplifying the flow of data and information to reduce effort and time.

IFRC-FDRS platform screenshots

Our impact

Coordination and sharing of information between many stakeholders can turn out to be a challenging task. In the humanitarian world, simplifying this task and supporting these initiatives leads to an ultimate benefit, as it opens up resources, time, and efforts to focus on direct support to communities and the environment.

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